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Bacio, Las Vegas Tropicana

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Date Dined: 10/16/2012

Rant or Rayve: Rant

Star Ranking: 1/5 Stars

My wife and i are long-term customers of Rao's in Vegas and Harlem and were quite excited to dine at Carla's new restaurant at the newly renovated Tropicana. note that my wife and i eat out at some of the best Vegas spots, Delmonico (emirl) Spago, Sinatra's, Nine as well as some of the more reasonably priced stablishments, Margaritaville, Burger Bar, In and Out Burger, Pinks Hot Dog's etc, so we are not snubs when it comes to food. However we enjoy fine dinning and an experience in-line with the price point.

As for Bacio, here is my story sad but true:

The meatballs were dead on arrival, they were dried out and appeared to have been made a number of days ago! I advised my waiter who was kind enough to buy me a beer in exchange for my dried-out balls, a fair, but equitable trade, however, i would have preferred a good meatball.

My wife ordered a chicken parmigiana, which like the heretofore mentioned meatballs was dry, with almost zero tomato sauce and appeared as thought it had been cooked days in advance, not an good thing considering this is supposed to be a highfalutin establishment, not! As a matter of fact it was dryer than the driest turkey reheated from thanksgiving day! As a result of ingesting this meal my wife was sick all evening, and into the early morning, a scenario you should not get for "waking up or eating in vVgas".

its funny but my wife had lunch at Buca di Beppo earlier in the week and their chicken parmigiana was of a higher caliber and made fresh on the spot (for an quarter of the price) and she didn't have to get sick :). maybe Bacio charges extra for that privilege.

i ordered their veal chop with hot cherry peppers which was served in a bowl, (strange) with zero sides! The dish which takes twenty minutes to make was fresh and quite good. I guess its best when eating here to make sure to order those menu items which have to be made on the spot.

Also, i must say the decor and atmosphere here was...sterile to say the least and to say the most was quite boring. We asked for a quiet spot and were placed at a small table next to a dozen business men in like tee shirts who were drinking up a storm. As there were no other patrons inside we asked to be moved to the outside eating area.

Why is it i ask that Vegas restaurants think its exciting for their guests to watch the hotel patrons go to and fro while they are eating their meal? I was actually afraid that one of the passerby's would take one of my meatballs which in hindsight might have been a good thing.

Lastly, is there a Manager in the house! There appeared to be nobody in charge, we couldn't find a manager, not good.

As for Bacio? i will have to say baci-no!

Bacio is located at the Tropicana Resort in Las Vegas, NV. Learn more on their website.

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