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Bar Louie, Massapequa NY

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Date Dined: June 20, 2019

Rant or Rayve: Rant

Star Ranking: 1/5 Stars

Let the buyer beware!

Bar Louie is not a place to Eat, Drink or be merry, no matter what order you choose to partake.

The food is cheap, greasy, frozen and abysmal, not a good combination.

The bar has the worst bar-stools ever created in this world or the next!

How a place like this chain stays in business is a surprise to me and probably to LOUIE!

Nuff Said!

Bar Louie is located in the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa, NY. Visit their website here.

See more of my reviews on my Yelp Page.

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