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Ciao Baby, Massapequa Park, NY

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Date Reviewed: January 6, 2015

Rant or Rayve: Rant Star Ranking: 1/5 Stars

My daughter and i recently visited this establishment to take-advantage of their new bar scene which included a new elongated bar with a plethora of craft beers on tap. additionally, they installed a bevy of new big screen televisions and also underwent a full bore renovation, with plenty of high-top seating for bar patrons.

imagine our chagrin, when we walked in at half-time of the bengal-panthers play-off game and we were the only ones in the building!

we approached the bar, and were ignored by the two bar keeps (in full giant & jet garb) who were discussing the game with the waitstaff. eventually, i had to  interrupt their dialogue with hopes of having a beer, appetizers, lunch, etc, which is what one normally does during the games, yes?

upon my heretofore mentioned interruption, which i might add was done with with all the proper grace,decorum, manners and protocols, a menu was tossed our way. i asked mr. giant what beers he recommended on tap and he pointed to the menu so i could figure it out myself.  

upon perusing the menu, i inquired about the ciao baby lager and asked if i could have a sampling? mr. giant told me it tasted like coors light and bud light. i asked him which one it taste was closer to bud or coors? he responded in an unfriendly manner, both! once again asked him for a sample and he repeated his now infamous line "it tastes like coors and bud light. i then asked "are you going to give me a sampling or not"? begrudgingly, he gave me a sample.

well, fifteen minutes to get a sample of beer and find out that you are an unwelcome guest does not make for a pleasant experience. it appeared that mr. giant and mr. jet were more in-tuned to their private conversations regarding the game which was supplemented by their dialogue  with the various waitstaff who clearly had nothing else to do.

my daughter and i just wanted to be at a place where we were welcome, no chance ciao baby will ever be at a place where everyone knows your name., especially with this crew of bartenders.

as for the menu, this is not a football type of venue, despite the beautiful renovations and the beer on tap, most of which probably tastes like coors or bud light, lol. there are zero football specials  in terms of discounted food or drinks and the menu is more geared to the sit-down restaurant than a venue to watch and enjoy the games.

p.s. the food was a disappointment, save the italian wedding soup.

my advise, is tO say"ciao baby" forever!!!

nuff said, yes?

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